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We poured our first pint as BS Brewing in June of 2013 at Zelicks in San Marcos. Seguin Ale was very well received and the next month we released College Chronic. We started by buckling in 3-5 kegs into my Mazda Protege and delivering a hand full of kegs at a time. The first two years of operation I ran the brewery single handed and self distributed the majority of our product up until we signed with our first distributor in 2014. I continued to self distribute San Antonio until 2016. We have had a couple of cellarman  bounce through, but Jenna and I have primarily run the production side just the two of us from the beginning.  Our idea of business is to keep it simple, honest, and enjoy what we are doing. We believe that craft beer is a great way to bring people together and the comradery  within this industry is a testament to that. Come out to the patio, try our beer, try other beers, and then check them out next time. Don't forget to circle back around though!

The Family

At BS Brewing, we're all about family. When you come out to the brewery on the weekends, you'll always find families, couples, and friends, chatting and enjoying the company around the fire pit - you'll most likely find at least one of us, and probably our kids, too! Our goal at the brewery is for you to leave feeling like you've been hanging out with old family friends. And that's where our story really stems from - our family.

From the very first dream and rough draft business plan, to getting the building up, to the first brews and the progression of the awesome beers in our portfolio, we have strived to make our growing business a reflection of our growing family. Our very first brew day happened on our oldest daughter's 3rd birthday (after donuts with dad, of course!). Our first son was born just a couple weeks later. Since then we've added two more kids to the BS family. Our kids are our everything and they truly drive our passion for greatness in everything. We strive to teach them what hard work looks like and what it means to follow your passions and dreams, even when they seem impossible. Everything we do, every beer we brew, every keg we sell, and every account we go into, it's for them. 

We know you've heard it said that supporting small business is supporting families, and we want you to know that it really is true. When you buy BS beers, you really are helping send a little girl to dance! We try to share some of our passion for family through our Ashlyn's Abbey series brews, which are named for each of our kids.

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