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Ashlyn's Abbey

As a Brewer and sole employee on the production side of BS Brewing, sometimes life gets overwhelming and the stress in this industry starts taking the fun out of everything. Ashlyn's Abbey came about as I found myself needing to slow down and spend a day in meditation and prayer in order to recharge for the production of our distributed beers. This is why I choose to brew them in silence. Each ale is named for my family and is designed to remind me of my children.  I did this so that as I brew, I remember why I work as hard as I do, and why it is so important for me to make it home each day with a smile and to hold my head high for my family.


I wish these ales could be available year round at the Patio, my goal is that someday they will be.  

For now, keep watching,  we will be sure to let you know as they become available again.



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